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Ground Zero Event 2 – The Green Pool

a little green, a little red, my wee hand drawing. its fucking perfect - the gingerbread people were everywhere

The Green Pool

By Warren A Leroux

“Inspiration can come from the most unusual places.”

“Ground Zero event 2 was a catalyst of thunder”

“With Mels passing the job of raising 3 kids to be healthy happy and safe fell 100% on me. Coincedently this is also the time when my vision issue began to manifest. Blind Dad has this.”

August 2022.


At this point gingerbread people were everywhere. I could see zero facial features unless someone was 5 feet or less in front of me. General skin color, and general color of clothing only. I needed others to drive for me as it was one giant road. I was 6 inches away from a 53 inch computer screen to work with headaches everyday. Must feed kids.


My kids are strong, but at this point with their moms passing and blind dad totally sucking at hide and seek. I needed to make a move. Must make sure kids are ok. Must make sure wee minds do not break. Must do something fun together.

Blind Warren determines kids need some adventure to support well being. It took everything I had to find a way to take the Kids to Niagara falls. 2017 was our last vacation and it was camping.

Perspective = over half their lives

Budget wicked tight and barely enough. Found a hotel for a reasonable price via online booking, not fancy, but 2 bright blue swimming pools 1 in 1 out. (Wolf lodge would have been preferred at 600 a night but an impossibility.) My kids are beautiful and understood that Dad could only provide so much.

I bought tickets online for Marineland, paid for the hotel. The kids and I talked about vacation. We laughed and got excited together and a real sense of excitement was in our home for the first time in many months.

On the way to Niagara Falls (my Son drove). We talked about swimming in two pools, we talked about an evening at Clifton Hill (tourist area with attractions). We talked about night swims and Marineland the next day. It was so beautiful to see their wee lights shine so bright. They so deserved it!

When we arrived at our hotel we were greeted by a green garbage filled swimming pool. (The picture was bright blue I assure you). A sense of dread was instant and was an actual heavy measurable presence. I was devastated looking at the faces of 3 beautifully disappointed kids. The front desk was staffed with gingerbread people and of course I asked for a refund. The intent was to find another hotel within budget but the refund was denied. Cancellation policy = NonRefundable even with a green filthy pool. I will write another story about the heart shaped tub another day:)

As I had zero budget to deal with the hotel at a later time the kids and I were forced to stay the night. As you can imagine, based on the condition of this pool and the overall condition of the venue zero kids swam in the second pool. This one was blue but at what cost? What was in it? Who peed in it? You get it.

My beauties are amazing. We had a fun time on the hill, took a beautiful boat ride and waved to our American friends on a different boat.

Fun fact: My son determined cell phone providers are certainly attentive. As we crossed invisible international borders on the water, phone companies somehow new and applied roaming charges:)

Zero night swims for us.

Back at the disgusting hotel blind Dad and 3 kids laughed at the appalling conditions. We all slept fully clothed and with one eye open. I will save the haunted ice dispensing room for another day.

Before we slept, we googled directions to Marineland only to discover that coincidentally enough, this venue was closed due to a water main break. Another sense of dread arose in us all. Blind dad became instantly aware of another consequence. As zero budget existed for alternatives and Marineland tickets were bought online our ability to enjoy beautiful Niagara Falls was gone.

My 17 year old stood for us all. He said “Dad, I got us. We leave tomorrow morning. Wonderland is on me”. I was both proud and sad at the same time. My son was about to take care of blind dad and his sisters.

The next morning I approached a couple of gingerbread people behind the desk. Despite my best efforts at that time. Refund denied. Reason: Cancellation Policy = Non Refundable.

We left Niagara, but hope to return under better conditions another day. We had a great day together and the gingerbread people were everywhere.

Ground zero event 2 was not immediately apparent, but the fire it would eventually light in me could melt the sun.

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