January 30, 2024 in Warren's Short Writtings

The Shrinkage of Unsure

an image by Warren Leroux representing abstract uncertainty - shrinkage due to uncertainty - warrenleroux.ca

The Shrinkage of Unsure

by Warren. A Leroux

You have one life changing revelation that grows “a pair” and empowers you to stand up to the biggest of bullies and people fear for you. “This bully’s really big, they will crush him”, yet you watch from under blankets with pretend pom poms.

You have one life changing revelation that ignites passions and people who know you wrap you in mind blankets and give you mind cookies and milk.

You have one life changing revelation that shatters the box the modern world has created for you and the people you toss worry at you and run back to their own boxes only to watch with the lid open just a crack.

You have one life changing revelation and 4 things become obvious.

1.No one you know has had a life changing revelation that empowers them
2.The shrinkage of unsure is widespread and humanity is losing out
3.The most brilliant minds on Earth have been sleeping
4.I must do everything in my power to wake a few minds

I definitely “have a pair” and when the biggest of bullies hides due to their own shrinkage of unsure it speaks volumes.


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