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Box Soldiers

A thought represented by an image. A thught box soliers tried to crush

Box Soldiers
By Warren A Leroux

Our conditioning starts the day we are born.

When we are born, a dollar is stuffed in our mouth, we are slapped on the ass and sent down an assembly line. From our first breath we are taught limits, provided with an instruction manual and told that if we do not comply we will fail in the world.

Our home is a box for mind, specifically designed to remind us of our limits. In your box is another dollar. This one shines and is cold.

The box whispers constantly. It reminds constantly. It lies ruthlessly. “I am your master” are it’s very first words.

Others that surround you live in an identical box and have been deliberately conditioned by masters and shadows. Our fathers, mothers, friends and family are all unwitting soldiers for the masters of the box.

The box soldiers are activated when anyone tries to escape the box in mind, foot or on road. When we do try to leave, we are ridiculed, punished and shamed. Consequences. Isolation. Condemnation.

We were born to experience, we were born to love, we were born to find out who and what we really are. We truly are powerful beyond measure. A great person once said “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”. This could not be more true.

STOP. Realize NOW. This Instant. From today forward understand.

Our biggest gift on Earth is time.

This time is taken and consumed deliberately. Humanity is being consumed deliberately.


Moments are lost, true brilliance is dormant.

The box is a snake and conscripts as it constricts.

YOUR gift of time is being consumed for the persistence of someone else’s numbers.

(Knock Knock T.A.R.P It’s me Warren. You cats ready?)

From me, Warren to YOU, the reader. Yes YOU.

Hear our chairs as they scrape the floor to come together around a small table. There is nothing. Two chairs. One table. Nothing else. No other sound. Just YOU and I.


I’m sitting across the table. I’m looking at YOU.

YOU are looking at me. Listen.

As of this instant YOU are aware. As of this Instant YOU understand.


YOU are not trapped.

I know you are stagnated.

I don’t care if YOU are the Janitor or CEO.

This Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat is one of the greatest crimes against mankind. It is by calculation and design.

At CollaborativeCi. We don’t want your money.

We want your passion. Puruit IS a key. It unlocks, it awakens YOUR sleeping brilliance.

Do what you love, smell the roses. Stop.

As of THIS MOMENT. Stop.

Take back your moments. Ignite that inner fire and let’s create something beautiful.

Collaborate with me. Change the World with me.

Pursuit is key. Passion creates and releases and inner brilliance that many of us never knew existed AND we will have fun along the way

FUN and Fulfillment is a byproduct of doing what you love. Happiness is a byproduct of doing what you love.

Get in touch.

Worlds change with a conversation.

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