February 16, 2024 in Warren's Short Writtings

I had to go blind to see, quite literally

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I had to go blind to see, quite literally. Some moments you never get back.

It took losing my vision for me to stop. In reflection, I honestly think that it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. “Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat” was my routine. I felt for years that I was ready for a break but I never would have stopped. Too much responsibility, too much money owed, too much to admit that I was suffering and overwhelmed. I am a single father of 3. Life is busy. Life is non-stop

Like most of us I need to work to support my family and for many years I was employed by “a company” . I will always be thankful to “a company” for giving me a venue to feed my family, but developments have made me see things from a different light.

Some moments you never get back.

A single moment of insensitivity can change someone forever. A healthy mind is much more difficult to achieve than it should be. To be healthy you need to stop. To stop you need time. The demands of the modern world have evolved to a point where many employers want you to dedicate your life to them. The persistence of numbers I call it.

Remember when a day off was just that?

For some of us, a simple day off is almost impossible. An employer no longer even hesitates to call you while you are on vacation, on weekends or after hours. Humanity is slowly being consumed by global conditioning and the arrogance and insensitivity of corporations and other employers devouring time for the persistence of numbers. The erosion of well being is on the rise for a reason. “Threat Identified”. It’s time to wake up.

All organizations would like to say that the health and well being of their employees is a number one priority. In many cases this is 100% true. In others it is not. On a faithful day the persistence of numbers manifested to me in a way I will never forget. Although I have forgiven those responsible. I hold the insensitivity and arrogance of the modern workplace accountable.

Some moments you never get back.

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