March 22, 2024 in Agenda Updates

The City of Greater Sudbury – Red Light District

Warren Leroux's hand drawing of a teacher teaching kids to give all there money away and prepare for shakespear forever. a abstract picture of citizens giving money to red light cameras

Citizens of Sudbury are told that the red light cameras and shiny new speed cameras are deployed strictly for the purposes of public safety. This article is my opinion, and In my opinion this is an outright lie.

This is absolutely about the purse, 1st foremost and with sprinkles. Why lie about it? I’ll tell you why. If they told us that it was to help fill city coffers we would be much more likely to object.

We all need to think long and hard about this. Our tax dollars purchased these systems as a mechanism to collect more money from us. The City of Greater Sudbury is not alone in this arrogance and entitlement but they do hold the distinction of becoming the poster child for this problem across Canada. I’m doing something about it here  – Sudbury’s Red Light District – and could sure use a little help.

The Red light Cameras have been active since September 2022 based on known numbers I think it fair to estimate that approximately 7556 tickets have been issued within the first year of operation. At 325 a ticket, that would represent a potential 2.4 million in fine collections as a result. That is 2.4 million from Greater Sudbury Citizens under false pretenses. Admit it is about the purse Mayor and Council. Come Clean . Has anyone heard anything about public safety? Public safety initiatives made possible by? Anything whatsoever?

Here are a few flaws:

  1. Owner is responsible, regardless of Driver. No innocent until proven guilty? “Nope, we just want your fine money and it’s easier this way”.
  2.  Cameras can take pictures of a license plate in varying weather but do not capture an image of “the offender”. The technology exists to do so. “If we had an actual “accused”, this would reduce fine revenue, more people would dispute and costs of prosecuting these offenses would go up, thereby reducing return on investment. We just want your money as efficient as possible”
  3. The ticket/notice of offense is mailed to you without proof of delivery and without the photo evidence of “the offense”. “To mail with proof of delivery, and to provide our evidence would reduce the efficiency of collecting your money and add expenses related to ticket issuance, defense and prosecution that would impact the ticket revenue we collect”
  4. Red Light Camera tickets do not result in demerit points and it is super duper easy to pay the fine. Why not? “It’s butter, we want to slide the money right out of your pocket as quick as possible, hence we go after the owner, we can’t prove anything so we don’t take demerit points. This doubles as a psychological manipulation but our citizens are too stupid be aware of it so we collect much more efficiently”
  5. The City of Sudbury says on its website that Red light tickets are treated like parking tickets. Yet, it is not. Part of the ticket revenue allocation is a ‘victim surcharge” which is not applicable to parking tickets. “Again we are using butter here to make you understand there is nothing to lose but your money, get it over with and send it now and don’t stress about it, we make up things and combine them as we see fit and then add more butter”

Want to take a stand against your Red Light Camera or Speed Camera tickets? Report your tickets to The Red Light District and contribute to Citizen gathered information. We can’t continue allowing this pillaging of citizens to continue. Project 200 Brady is open for Collaboration.

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