Do what you love. Contribute Meaningfully and own it with me.

CollaborativeCi - Collaborative Concept Intelligence is a revolutionary form of collaboration that is based on an individual's passions. Individual collaborators contribute what they love to do in order to create a viable business or product. When the project reaches a certain level it is collaborator owned and decisions (for example), selling it or growing it are made by its contributors. This represents a way for those who have only hobby time to put that passionate hobby to work for you. No financial investment whatsoever is required. In its simplest form here is how it works: ,if you are passionate about design then contribute your designs. If you are a passionate developer then contribute your developer skills. If you are a passionate writer, contribute your content. If you are a passionate content creator, contribute your creations. At this time I have several projects open to collaborators. Each open project has a significant potential and a colorful backstory which I will save for another day. I will contribute to all projects and to be clear my personal end goal is to create the collaborativeci environment and infrastructure to help others follow their passions, support their families and contribute to balanced and beautiful world.

Let us consider the unique nature of a red light camera violation. In such cases, the 'accused' is not a person, but an inanimate object – the vehicle. The accuser is not an officer of the law but another inanimate object - the red light camera. So, who is the real accused here? The vehicle registered to me, or the unidentified individual who was operating it? Without establishing the identity of the driver, are we not merely presuming guilt by association rather than evidence? Is it just to hold an individual accountable for an action they may not have committed, and cannot be proven to have committed? What legal principle is most valid? "Owner's liability charge" or “Presumption of Innocence until proven guilty” ???? A Red light camera can accurately take a picture of a license plate in varying weather and lighting conditions yet magically it cannot take a picture of the offender? Why? Well I’ll tell you what I think… is a domain name that represents the physical address of the City of Greater Sudbury Headquarters. It is a 24/7 Virtual Presence on the Steps of City Hall and represents a modernized “Venue of Peaceful Protest” AND It’s about to turn into a community. 200 Brady Street will be hereby be known as “The Red Light District”. It will be a centralized gateway and community of citizens from Canada and around the World who have their own opinions on the validity and intent of Red Light Cameras. Sudbury. Toronto,Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, Kitchener,Waterloo and Cambridge take note.

This delegation represents the citizens of the Greater City of Sudbury, the people of Ontario and eventually will become the newest political party in Canada. As of now we are a cultural community and an online advocacy group dedicated to ensuring fair and transparent governance at all levels of government within Canada. " "Our mission is to represent and advocate for the interests of the citizens of Greater Sudbury and the growing list of municipalities, townships and communities representing our membership. We will foster communication, collaboration, and understanding within our online community and the home communities of our members. Through our efforts, our influence and the expert contributions of our community members we will promote the overall wellbeing, growth, and development of our community members, by ensuring their voices are heard and have meaningful impact in relevant discussions and decisions at all levels of government within Canada" City of Sudbury, do you have any grants or incentives to support citizens groups like our community delegation who’s mandate is community wellbeing, growth and development? Also, I have a look on the City Website, but can’t find the actual form I need to table my candidacy for the next Mayoral election. The first thing I will do is fix that stupid elevated platform the Mayor sits at council meetings. This thing needs to be lowered or the other areas raised so we all sit on level fields. Also, I would fix this ‘Your Worship” crap and Mr. Mayor crap. My name is Warren and it will still be Warren when I’m Mayor. Perhaps I should start taking french class

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