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The barriers put up by our government, the lack of accountability, the lack of representation, the complete inability to impact meaningful change, for anyone who has ever been brushed off by a city council member, member of parliament or has been effectively silenced under the strategy of “ignore them” until they disappear this one is for you. For those who see the lies and corruption and want to impact meaningful change and contribute to the positive evolution of the Canadian political system it’s time to stand.

This project in part was inspired once again by my municipal government and in part by the local liberal member of parliament. It wasn’t until I tried and failed to meet with these representatives did the realization of having absolutely zero voice to impact change sunk in.

I first created when I was denied the ability to speak at Sudbury City Council. Citizens are not able to speak at city council. Can you believe that? I was told that a community delegation was required. When I asked what a community delegation was or how they are defined as it applies to the ability to speak to council I received zero meaningful things.

At that time I decided to create the foundation for a national delegation to represent communities they serve. Ultimately these same delegations will be experts in their respective communities, have memberships within their respective communities and represent the citizen interests much more effectively than any federal or provincial or municipal leader can. Oversight of government at all levels with the voicepower to impact change. I was so pissed off frankly that I may have put my hat in the ring to be mayor of Sudbury and Prime Minister of Canada or both. At the end of the day we need to have a venue to organize and with the right people in place we could easily transition into the newest political party in Canada literally created by and from the people. The awesome party of canada will not have any member sit in a leadership roll who has had any political exposure.We start from scratch.

We will need developers, designers, online community managers, social media creators, content writers, legal advisors, financial auditors and the list goes on. If you would like to contribute your passion to bringing this project to life please contact me to get this ball rolling.