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It is my belief that the brilliance of humanity is the most abundant untapped resource on earth. It is also my believe that forces surrounding us are taking deliberate actions to prevent mankind from accesssing this resource

“Collaborative Concept Intelligence: CollaborativeCi”

We will wake sleeping brilliance and empower magnificence regardless of wealth or status. We are an entity of conceptual hopes, dreams and passions with a power beyond imagination. A new era of collaboration is emerging that will change everything.

The most brilliant minds on Earth have been sleeping. Wake up. Come Home.

We were not born to go to work just to barely survive then die.

We were born to follow our dreams, chase our passions, smell the proverbial roses and enjoy the moments in life. We were born to love, We were born to find ourselves, embrace our spirit, understand our connectivity and discover our true power. We are a creature that is much more than most of you can imagine.

At its core CollaborativeCi represents a non monetary investment type where contributors use their individual passions,skills, abilities and time to create something of significance.

I am looking for collaborators and visionaries to support many projects, each will create a business with global potential.

Profits and future potential profits of a CollaborativeCi project will be shared with concept collaborators in a tiered manner to ensure any eliminated project collaborator has a fair piece and is further and inspired by opportunity to participate in future projects. “Last Mile” collaborators will benefit the most as they will own the business with me including seats at the decision-making table.

A new era of concept investment and collaboration is upon us

When a collaborative concept gains momentum and takes root it will become its own entity and major contributors will take ownership, profit and determine the course of its evolution. Those whose meaningful collaboration and content contributions help a project reach its goals will be among the founders of an emerging superpower that will change the world.

How do I start collaborating with Warren?

You need to be in agreement with the collaborative CI concept. There is no need to proceed if you do not.

Here are Warren’s Collaboration rules of engagement:


  1. If you try to sell me ANYTHING you will be disqualified
  2. If you ask me for money for any reason, you will be disqualified
  3. If I don’t like you for any reason, you will be disqualified
  4. if you do not understand that I am the boss or attempt in any way to fuck with me or interfere with my direction you will be disqualified
  5. If I feel you are in any way unqualified to participate or continue to participate in a specific collaborativeCi project but have meaningfully contributed you are welcome to collaborator tryouts on future projects
  6. If you are misleading or misrepresent yourself or submit content that you did not 100% create or is offensive or inappropriate at my discretion first fuck you, second fuck you and thirdly you are blacklisted.


Step 1.Register at

Step 2: Join the CollaborativeCi group (we will soon enough move to the venue but I’m one person)

Step 3:identify your passions,dreams and ambitions

Step 4: Determine project you want to be a part of

Step 5:This will involve a one on one video call to introduce ourselves

Step 6: I’ll let you know once you hit step 5.

At the end of the day, any means of contacting me would be fine at least initially. I will enforce registration later but you can if you wish contact me here.

I will ask you about your passion. If you have no passion or are negative in any way don’t contact me. If you are an eternal victim, have poor me syndrome or are just a dick don’t bother reaching out.


These projects represent the pioneering journey of the collaborative concept intelligence community. The answer is I don’t know and I will not make anyone promises. I can tell you that If I find at least one like mind who shares my passion or who’s goals are in alignment with mine we will create wonders.

How does the collaborator community start?

We build our new community from the ground up. We establish new relationships, learn new skills and contribute our true passions as our investments in opportunity free of limitations.

We are going to start utilizing open source or free resources. Along the way we will generate a small income through various available programs that will be used for further support of the project. I will contribute as much of the initial infrastructure as I can. I will elaborate much more when I can.

We are about to show the world the power of will and the magic of passions. Minds will open because we will start with nothing and we WILL create wonders.