Open for Collaboration - 200 Brady Street project overview

The project was inspired by my Municipal government and the handling of parking tickets and automatic enforcement deployments. Red light and speed cameras specifically. My experience has exposed behaviors I consider unethical as well as downright deceiving. 200 Brady Street represents the physical address of the City of Greater Sudbury Town hall putting this project literally on the doorstep. For the first time in my 55 years I tried and was declined a meeting with the mayor. I have been getting the runaround on freedom of information requests and feel the true agenda is based on revenue generation not public safety. The fact that citizens are told its public safety that drives these deployments is an outright lie. This type of installation is not unique to Sudbury and the intention is to create an environment to ensure that people, regardless of community or country they live in have a voice and a common venue. These projects use our tax dollars to collect more tax dollars from our already strained pockets and represent a provable case of mass government psychological manipulation and control. Our legal systems have become a weapon against law abiding citizens and 200 brady says enough is enough.

The concept is to have an interactive web presence allowing people from wherever they are to report their tickets, explain the circumstances and become a global information repository. One of the most often used tactics of control is information control and its time this stops. Millions, dare I say billions from Canadians alone have been collected under false pretenses.

We will need developers, designers, online community managers, social media creators, content writers, legal advisors, financial auditors and the list goes on. If you would like to contribute your passion to bringing this project to life please contact me to get this ball rolling.