My Products/ Services

Each product or service that I provide is here because it aligns with my personal dreams and passions. Each is already 20 leagues beyond its current form in mind and intent. As I am one person addressing all aspects and trying to feed a family I can promise that each and every one you who support me now will benefit in ways you most certainly won’t expect. My sincere thank you.

let your passions lead you for that is your one true purpose

Aii-You - Your Kick Ass Agent. Ai Conversational Intelligence

A revolution in matching business and employment opportunities with true passion and dreams. Do what you love and prepare for the future. Your Kick Ass online Rockstar agent is far more powerful than you can imagine. You control the behavior and the action

an artistic rendition of young warren leroux from sudbury, on

Web Hosting /Web Services/Web Content

I am now able to offer web hosting suitable for personal or small businesses. Whether your are in my community of Greater Sudbury or from another part of our earth I would love to work with your. Do you have an idea but don't know how to move forward? Contact me!

an adobe capture image of a photo in my home in sudbury ontario canada transformed into a cool background - Warren Leorux

Personalized Ai image/Video/Audio Services

I will offer a range of personal Ai services including training your likeness, Your Voice. You can literally create you in ways you never imagined. This product line has some unique twists. Have you ever wondered what you would look like in a certain outfit orif that dress would look good on you?

a fun background image

Content Creation

Do you need a video edited? Do you want to prepare a unique presentation? I can help in a number of different ways and am open to discussing your requirements.

Future Service - 2D Animation

If you are like me and have doodled your whole life l can’t tell you how truly exciting it is to see your drawings come to life. Am I an expert? Absolutely not, but sure have a lot of fun doing it!

a beautiful reminder

Future Service - 3D You

I will recreate you in 3D form and will offer some basic animation services. If you are an individual who’s passion is 3D animation perhaps we should chat.

Future Ai Automation & Consulting

If you're an entrepreneur looking to capitalize on the emergence of Ai or you are a business looking for efficiencies and opportunities by integrating Ai I will soon be available for consultation.Perhaps you are an existing business looking to add to your own product portfolio I will soon be available for consultation.

Future Personalized one on one Video Training

I will offer one on one training to individuals looking to turn hobby time into income generating opportunities using Ai and the internet. Whether you are an artist, a pet lover, a writer, sports enthusiast, couch potato, hobo, weed inspired psychologist or inventor I can help you turn what you love to do into an income.

another adobe capture of things in my house to make a cool background

Shout out to potential collaborators

There are endless ways like minded people can collaborate and turn dust into gold. It takes vision, it takes patience, it takes passion. I have already identified projects on this website where collaborative opportunities are available with me, but I would also like to help connect those who align on different paths. Drop me a line.